A delivery system that connects you to your neighbours, family, friends and anyone in your community who can help you deliver a package, as they go along their daily routine. You are our VIP.

If you want to make some extra money, simply signup as a Partner and whenever you are on the move you will receive delivery requests. Simply pick, deliver and get paid.

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Why Us

Our belief

We believe people know their city and towns much more than any app would. People, yes you, make the world go exciting.


We do not call you customer or client. No. Whenever you deliver you are our Partner. Whenever you request a delivery, you are our VIP. You can become anything you want

Designed by you

You asked, and we designed a delivery service that gives you cheaper rates and makes you earn money whenever you deliver for your friends, family and verified people. Share the news


A portion of each months profit is given to a nominated cause. Charity or orphanage

The Magic

You can become anything you want, anytime, whenever you want

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Partners deliver packages and orders on behalf of VIPs, and are key to their business success

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Whenever you request for a delivery, you are our VIP

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